Lena Khalifeh

The Artist

Lena Khalifeh is a contemporary Lebanese rising artist. She composes with light, color, and emotions. A graduate of Law, she caught the blessing of art in her early years, as she used to paint faces and places on the walls of her home, while still 15 years old.

She attended the art school “Art & Renaissance”, started experimenting the bliss of art by reproducing the Masters of Painting, and toured the world in search for contemporary trends of today’s Masters.

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, the love of her Mediterranean home country ignited in her the flame of belonging to a socially rich fabric of a small country that is larger than its geography. Lena draws the passion, the failings, and the complexity of human relationships, and the hymns to love, hope and joy. Her inspiration comes from a life spent building her soul and spirit in the realms of defeats and successes, disappointments and enlightenment, of all human beings.

Lena’s works are on permanent exhibit at her atelier in Naccache, Lebanon, and she continuously showcases her new paintings in various exhibitions of art.

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home” – Twyla Tharp

Connor Gibson

“Art is to console those who are broken by life” – Vincent Van Gogh

Coriss Ambady

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Atelier Lena K., Naccache, Blue Zone B Beirut, Lebanon

PO Box: 90-667, Jdeideh, Beirut, Lebanon

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